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October 2004

Are you considering a joint degree? Click here to read a very informative article on the subject.

September 2004

Click here to read the medical school admission interview chat transcript with Dr. Ramin Rafie of AdmissionsConsultants.

August 2004

We received some very informative advice we thought we should share with any of you considering a military scholarship for medical school.

July 2004

American medical school students fled Cuba after the Treasury Department implemented new measures that more severely restrict the American presence on the communist island nation. Click here to read more.

June 2004

Medical school students are now being required to take bedside licensing tests. It is the first time in 40 years that bedside exchanges have been reviewed and the AMA has already gone on record stating that this additional test will do nothing to improve patient safety.

May 2004

Harvard announces a new, fully-integrated joint MD/MBA degree program between Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. Click here to read more about this joint degree program.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announce they have joined forces on a new initiative to address key agricultural security issues. Click here to read more about this new initiative.

April 2004

We encourage you to take the US News rankings – and all rankings for that matter – with a grain of salt and not to choose one school over another solely because it is ranked a point or two higher at one particular moment. You can learn more about medical school rankings by clicking here.

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