The AMCAS Application

The AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) application is a standardized application form that is accepted by every allopathic (MD) school in the U.S.outside of Texas. You should look at the AMCAS as a blessing since you will only have to complete one application for many medical schools — although many schools require you to fill out their own unique “secondary” application as well.

Personal Statement

Most of the AMCAS is relatively straight forward. You are asked to list the honors you have received, extracurricular activities, work experience, etc.

We conservatively estimate that at least 99% of all medical school applicants spend the most time worrying about the AMCAS personal statement. The reason is quite simple. You must write an essay that in less than 5,300 characters that:

  • Attaches your personality to the rest of the application
  • Clarifies how you have prepared yourself for success in medical school
  • Explains why you want to pursue a career in medicine
  • Argues why you will make a good doctor

Put a lot of time into this personal statement and do treat it as the most important essay you will ever write. We encourage you to start outlining your thoughts in the spring of your junior year. A successful essay will keep the readers focused on you, the applicant. It will also tie the rest of your application together and explain the relevancy of the different activities you have listed on the AMCAS – even if it is just to state that you are well rounded and believe that this is a necessary trait for all doctors to have. (The admissions committees will not disagree with you on this.)

You can click on the following link for some good and insightful tips on writing strong medical school personal statements.